Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Mathesons 2014

  Another year! Where does the time go? A lot has changed!
                              (yes, I know I said that last year)
   Maybe this time i'll actually blog... or not either way this is us now.

                                                        The Matheson's in 2014

Dwayne- Still driving tractors, He has hardly any time home! He gets hardly any time off since we run evergreen soils as a family. ( Check us out! Although we might go somewhere for our anniversary soon!

Evergreen soils and recycling

Eve- I have been busy running my preschool, ( Learning station preschool find us on Facebook we still have a few spots left) and working as the secretary at evergreen while running our home, so i hardly have free time, and sadly that is pretty much my life although my birthday was this week :)

Learning station preschool

Aimee- Left for her mission in Fiji december 4th and has some pretty interesting time ;) she is in Tavenuni right now but is being transfered soon. And i'm sure your tired of this already but if you want to hear about her crazy adventures you can look at her blog at
Aimee (20)
                                                                    Aimee in Fiji

Aubree- Got her mission call in march sometime too..... Argentina, Mendoza mission and will leave on August 13th. She just finished her first year of college, and went backpacking and is currently on a trip to southern Utah. She also will be leaving for Arizona friday she has been crazy busy!
Aubree (18)

                                                      Backpacking adventure

Emilee- Gets out of high school wednesday and just got her drivers license, its definitely nice to have 4 drivers right now! She also will get to go to india this year which she is stoked about and has been talking about it non stop. But we understand.
Emilee (16)

                       India! The group she is going with took this picture the last time they went

Lynzee- Just tried out for the cheerleading squad and a big choir at her school, She made it and we are extremely proud of her for working so hard. Her birthday is also a week away (june 1st) and all she wanted for her birthday was to go to Arizona and see her baby cousin which she has been fawning over these past 2 years, so we are sending her on may 30th for a week to spend her birthday with her baby cousin and aunts, along with her best friend who just moved and of course her sisters.
Lynzee (12) almost 13 now
The baby cousin ( Paige) Lynzee is borderline obsessed with

Lance- Is    "DYING"   with all the girls around and his dad always at work, so while the girls are in Arizona we are sending him
off to his cousins with a 3 boys and no girls for a week. he's already in heaven just dreaming about it. This is when we will most likely go on our anniversary trip.
Lance ( 9) 

                                                       Lance driving tractors  a week ago

                                                              That is us lately,
                                          wish us luck on the crazy week ahead!
                                                           -Matheson mom                    

                                          Professional Photographer: Amy Hess

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm Back!

Its been along time but i'm back and better than ever! Our whole family has changed so much. Aimee has received her lds mission call to the Fiji Suva mission and leaves december 4th she is so excited! Aubree is a utah state ambassador and loves it! Emilee is a crazy amazing pianist and spends most of her time practicing. And as of right now is saidies royalty (a prom queen kind of thing). Lynzee is the creative one of the family mostly She does anything she can personalize, organize, perform or write. She was the lead of the school plays 4 years in a row and got the prize of best speech this year. And LOVES to dance. Lance is a tracter driving fool last year he was home schooled because of a rotten teacher and mostly went to work with his dad eveyday. He was completely bummed when the school year started and will do anything he can with his dad now. I am crazy busy for now because besides being a preschool teacher and a mom to 5 kids i work in dwayne's office basically being the secretary when ever I possibly can. She's pretty much super mom!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Lynzee. What a stinker... anyways dwayne is going crazy without lance and always looks forward to the weekend when lance goes to work with him. (i know its crazy but lance is one of his best workers i guess we taught him well!) well thats us for now stay tuned for more crazy stories ( trust me there's plenty!)  - Matheson Mom

Aimee and her mision call

                                                                          our family


                                                                        Aubree's an ambassador


                                                          Lance and dwayne driving tractors

Have a fantastic day!
-Matheson mom

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monday, March 23, 2009

Trip to Cedar City

We had a trip planned to see Dwayne's parents since we had a three day weekend. At the last minute Dwayne ended up staying home to work. Since Aimee got her driver's license on Monday and we left on Friday, she was anxious to drive. She drove all the way to Cedar City. On Saturday morning, Grandpa took us to Parowan Gap to see some Indian writings. He was a great tour guide. He showed us where Great Grandpa's name was on a monument for helping preserve these writings.

Here is Emilee standing in front of some of the lower petroglyphs.

We're off to do more exploring!

There were some tiny caves for the littler kids to play in.

Then we moved on to play on the siderails!

They had balancing contests!

Aubree won!

Someone took this lovely picture of me looking on as everyone else climbed up the side of the mountain. There was a lot of loose rock and it was a little tricky!

Grandpa climbed up to get a better picture of some of the writings. He was way up there and scared us all.

Emilee is not much for heights and stayed fairly close to the bottom, especially when the rocks started moving beneath her feet.

Lynzee and Aubree climbed the highest. Here is their victory pose. Lance and Aimee stuck together below them.

Coming down was the trickiest!

Lance told Aimee he would help her down because he had more climbing skills and I think it was true. He was fast on that mountain!

When he got down he decided to dig instead of joining his sisters for a photo shoot on the rock.

We did get a family picture on the cement barricade. Getting all of us up there at the same time was the difficult part.

We were going to have a picnic at a spot Grandpa knew that was 15 minutes away on a dirt road. As you can see, our tires didn't make it. It wasn't a really bad dirt road, but soon into the drive I looked out the window to see rubber flapping around. Grandpa was leading the way in his jeep and didn't see us pull over. When we got out to check the damage we could hear air escaping and the front tire was rapidly deflating as well. Guess what? No spare tire! It's in Dwayne's shop in Clearfield.

Grandpa noticed we weren't following him and came back to our rescue.

He took Emilee, Lynzee, and Aubree (the photographer) back to Cedar City in his Jeep where he made arrangements for a tow truck to come back and pick us up.

They took us to Big O tires where Grandpa got us 4 beautiful, strong, new tires.

We ended the trip a day early and came back home on Sunday after going to church with Grandpa. We missed Grandma who went to Arizona to see Aunt Jan for her birthday. It was an interesting trip -- not quite as we planned, but memorable and fun.