Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Mathesons 2014

  Another year! Where does the time go? A lot has changed!
                              (yes, I know I said that last year)
   Maybe this time i'll actually blog... or not either way this is us now.

                                                        The Matheson's in 2014

Dwayne- Still driving tractors, He has hardly any time home! He gets hardly any time off since we run evergreen soils as a family. ( Check us out! Although we might go somewhere for our anniversary soon!

Evergreen soils and recycling

Eve- I have been busy running my preschool, ( Learning station preschool find us on Facebook we still have a few spots left) and working as the secretary at evergreen while running our home, so i hardly have free time, and sadly that is pretty much my life although my birthday was this week :)

Learning station preschool

Aimee- Left for her mission in Fiji december 4th and has some pretty interesting time ;) she is in Tavenuni right now but is being transfered soon. And i'm sure your tired of this already but if you want to hear about her crazy adventures you can look at her blog at
Aimee (20)
                                                                    Aimee in Fiji

Aubree- Got her mission call in march sometime too..... Argentina, Mendoza mission and will leave on August 13th. She just finished her first year of college, and went backpacking and is currently on a trip to southern Utah. She also will be leaving for Arizona friday she has been crazy busy!
Aubree (18)

                                                      Backpacking adventure

Emilee- Gets out of high school wednesday and just got her drivers license, its definitely nice to have 4 drivers right now! She also will get to go to india this year which she is stoked about and has been talking about it non stop. But we understand.
Emilee (16)

                       India! The group she is going with took this picture the last time they went

Lynzee- Just tried out for the cheerleading squad and a big choir at her school, She made it and we are extremely proud of her for working so hard. Her birthday is also a week away (june 1st) and all she wanted for her birthday was to go to Arizona and see her baby cousin which she has been fawning over these past 2 years, so we are sending her on may 30th for a week to spend her birthday with her baby cousin and aunts, along with her best friend who just moved and of course her sisters.
Lynzee (12) almost 13 now
The baby cousin ( Paige) Lynzee is borderline obsessed with

Lance- Is    "DYING"   with all the girls around and his dad always at work, so while the girls are in Arizona we are sending him
off to his cousins with a 3 boys and no girls for a week. he's already in heaven just dreaming about it. This is when we will most likely go on our anniversary trip.
Lance ( 9) 

                                                       Lance driving tractors  a week ago

                                                              That is us lately,
                                          wish us luck on the crazy week ahead!
                                                           -Matheson mom                    

                                          Professional Photographer: Amy Hess