Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm Back!

Its been along time but i'm back and better than ever! Our whole family has changed so much. Aimee has received her lds mission call to the Fiji Suva mission and leaves december 4th she is so excited! Aubree is a utah state ambassador and loves it! Emilee is a crazy amazing pianist and spends most of her time practicing. And as of right now is saidies royalty (a prom queen kind of thing). Lynzee is the creative one of the family mostly She does anything she can personalize, organize, perform or write. She was the lead of the school plays 4 years in a row and got the prize of best speech this year. And LOVES to dance. Lance is a tracter driving fool last year he was home schooled because of a rotten teacher and mostly went to work with his dad eveyday. He was completely bummed when the school year started and will do anything he can with his dad now. I am crazy busy for now because besides being a preschool teacher and a mom to 5 kids i work in dwayne's office basically being the secretary when ever I possibly can. She's pretty much super mom!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Lynzee. What a stinker... anyways dwayne is going crazy without lance and always looks forward to the weekend when lance goes to work with him. (i know its crazy but lance is one of his best workers i guess we taught him well!) well thats us for now stay tuned for more crazy stories ( trust me there's plenty!)  - Matheson Mom

Aimee and her mision call

                                                                          our family


                                                                        Aubree's an ambassador


                                                          Lance and dwayne driving tractors

Have a fantastic day!
-Matheson mom